Recipe for a Story

or How to Bake a Book

Just how tricky is it to make a good story? According to this little girl, it's easy if you have the right ingredients. Break some thoughts into a cup, add your characters, sprinkle with full stops and capital letters, and glaze with happy endings. If the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, then this little girl's book should make for delicious reading! A unique and imaginative story ... about stories!


This is a great one for children who are learning to create their own stories, and I hope will inspire kids of all ages.


'The rhyme, rhythm and intricate artwork will keep the youngest readers interested, while beginning readers will understand the humor and enjoy searching for extra words inside the artwork.

As the trend of picture books praising the codex continues, few will match the light tone, originality and quirkiness of this one.' Kirkus Reviews 2014


UK edition is called 'Recipe for a Story' and the US edition has the delicious title of 'How to Bake a Book'!


US edition

published by Sourcebooks

ISBN 978-1492606512


UK edition

published by Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 978-0230753035

Betty and the Yeti

Betty's out for a walk in the snow when she finds a jingly jangly hat, a scarf, and a giant coat that comes down to her knees. They don't belong to the polar bear, the whale or the arctic hare, so just whose are they?

A wintry story of sledging and lost property, this comic tale is ultimately about acceptance and friendship...and it has a glittery cover too!


"The rhyming text helps make this story a lovely read-aloud, and the lovely wintery feel to the story makes it a perfect story to cuddle with in these long evenings. And did I mention the glittery cover?"

Library Mice 2010

published by Macmillan Children's books 2010
ISBN 978-0330511179

Darkness Slipped In

Daisy is busy playing when Darkness slips in through her bedroom window. She’s not scared at all – instead she makes him her friend and together they dance the night away!


"It's a fun tale, with a comic twist and a nice sense of rhyme throughout. It's great for reading before bedtime as it ends with Goodnight, but there's nothing stopping you from reading it at any time. Recommended."   Bookbag sept 2009

Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal 2009 ​

Highly commended, British Book Design and production awards 2008

Shortlisted for the Dundee Picture Book awards 2010

first published by Macmillan Children's Books​  2009

​ISBN 978-1447281801

Louie and the Monsters

Louie doesn't like monsters. but monsters like Louie. They follow him up the stairs ...and all the way back down again. They sit at the table and eat his tea ...and get the peas stuck in their teeth. They dribble and giggle and burp too much. Now Louie has had enough ...and he decides to take action. But once the monsters leave, Louie realises that maybe they weren't so bad after all. In fact, maybe they were really rather nice! But will the monsters ever want to talk to Louie again...? A fun yet touching tale about learning to appreciate the differences in each other and the importance of friendship.


published by Scholastic Children's Books 2005

ISBN 978-0439968447

Bear and Me

A little girl, and her teddy bear, are too small to swim, or fly, or climb. But that's O.K., because she knows that one day they will both be big enough to do all of those things.


"This is a gorgeously simple, spare, understated picture book about growing up, friendship and bravery. The illustrations are full of incidental detail to linger over. The story is about taking things slowly and not feeling pressurised to do too much before you are ready."

Book trust


published by Andersen Press 2006

ISBN 978-1842704851

Monsters Don't Cry

By Brett McKee

When an over exuberant, robust little monster gets into all sorts of scrapes, it's his trusty teddy who acts as fall guy for his mishaps in this humorous and heart-warming book by author Brett McKee, with illustrations by Ella Burfoot.


"as we make our way through this beautifully illustrated story, Archie learns that, sometimes, little monsters don't always have to be brave. Especially when Mummy and Daddy monster are at hand to make everything all right...I recommend this book as a terrific tale with a purpose that is both lively and fun with a lovely message."

Kerry King, Bookbag April 2012


published by Andersen Press 2012

ISBN 978-1849392914